26 Dec

in concealed admiration i have stared at you

as you twisted into unknown valleys



after the fleeting moments of our time.

up down

diagonal and across

as if strapped in escherian math drafts

of those confused pacing gentlemen:

glued upside down or right up or sideways or mirror way

amok-a-daze; disbelieving our exchange debut of stares

‘is it really happening?’.

and of a handshake

and of words whimpered by the intoxicating allure

of mystery

of wariness.

side nudged into sighs. ‘mhhh…’

as your voice illuminated undiscovered labyrinths of

my heart, thanks to the accompanying persistence silence,

caved-in on my part

my role

as self will vanquishedly-vanished

while barriers of resistance melted into vapour.

© Mmutle Arthur Kgokong 2013

Revised 26 December 2013

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