Inked Black

31 Dec

Perhaps I should pour black ink on your name

And watch your memory bathe in it

In black

Like the cold screen of a smarty phone after battery drain


Since alone it is I who is aware of you; not you of me:

Here is threaded threat –
A violent existence of a marginal man

Of a hooded shadowy hooodie


Pacing about in a dorpie

Whose overnight streets name change spread a haunting maze

Before all found and lost

Wherein his unannounced insertion begs of him to fend.

For gorging in the desert of less

And for yore would he slip,

Should he not fight it out in a locked cage memory.

The clue is there

All the signs that lead here are there




As a gust of fresh air slap him:

Finally when he has worked it out for himself

The maze, remember the maze.

You see the found lost key threw wide open ‘the all of a sudden little maze’ into a flatten paradise; into an oasis of way out!

Where the significant ant forage without being mindfully squashed

Where the mighty birds of the skies soars in aeronautical ballet

And the earthly giants stampede towards their fortunes


Isn’t great when the answer rears its head up

with a twinkle in its eye stare at you knowingly?

Oh my…how brave I am now

I can stare at your name!

When the black ink can’t blot it out in its bath anymore

Without a wince of defeat/lust.

Mmutle Arthur Kgokong 2013

21 December

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