The Ring, the Boxer & the Dove

19 Jan

the gloves are off
following the tingly-tingly-tang-dong- of the end of the penultimate round
even before the gong of the bell
reality simply gave me a gentle slap
to lure me back into the matter as it stand in this fight
that i have lost before i flexed me muscles.
me warmed me uppercut
me twisted me head
to unscrew and screw me neck
and charged forward me don it
to duel-duet with the impossible
by our societies standards.

but, a knock out punch
is far much better than letting go
of a dame you’ve worship covertly
& loved overtly for sometime.
minus her lovely presence you have death.
but it is an honorable thing to do for man if he is aware of her dignity & his own dignity for crying silently into a whimper.
for her peace of mind
her freedom to live
for to love someone is to bless them with infallibility.
the boxer will settle for the crumbs now
not the grand prize
the crumbs
those moments when he will see or bump into her by surprise
he will settle for less.
the sniff whiff of her flowery smell
and her form gracefully negotiating movement
as she goes about her life

this questionable cowardice.
is the gent’s love for her.
so the dove is set free.

to splutter into the cloudless heavens unbounded as she blossoms & magnify beyond explanation and ‘the’ exclamation mark!
is the sound of her freely caressing the bosom of the heavens.


© Mmutle Arthur Kgokong 2014

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