the girl of makaunyane

10 Mar

It was on Sunday midsummer morning

As I took her hands in my own

Tiny as they were they were filled with innocence

Their softness propelled unknown sensational of currents,

Liken to water quenching one’s thirst.


The one from Maukaunyana

Child of mother earth as cliché as this poem may read.


The north westerner took me in her arms,

Like the mother I never had

And with delight I WAS overwhelmed as I travelled her WORLD.


UNLIKE my troubled childhood

Her childhood was an opposite reflection of my own childhood

All the things I wished a home hearth should have

Like the never lying mirror which always tell

Of the things that are there outside us

I saw what we could be

And what I could have


But then because I goddessed her image

And thought her of lagging in fault falter

When her dark side dawned I scurried away emotionally

When she flipped like all the others before her

I forgot to hold on

To the comfortable memory I had of her


And my lego house unsnapped

And crumbled like crumbs from a dried bread

On a poor man’s hot summers’ brunch

As he is pushed towards the edge of fear and despair

Should he gobble away the last nimbly morsel

Whisked fall from his delightful empire

Like a dodgy whiskered umpire

With wind fluttering his whiskers


Only to land hard thud

Into the pool of how things are.

That loving someone

Sooner or later gets flipped

And we are flipped too

To see if we can survive the bitter desert

& skip the dessert side of the maiden one

Once claim to love to the gates of Lucifer

To the holy grounds of saintful ones


To the heavens of the one in charge


If only the dark could be withstood

And the laser chunk rain drops could be waited to pierce the heavy greyed darkened blackened clouds

So that it should rain

Sunshine should return, it would return

Nay it must return.

The opposite always insinuate itself


It was on one pitch dark cold night

I remembered the one from makaunyane

The girl

A fleeting charm

A ruff beauty

Her warm embraceful arms wrapped around me like a cotton soft protective shawl

Shield of armour

Shield of companion

Shield of hope

Shelter of love

Home of the simple and just.


© Mmutle Arthur Kgokong 2014

10 March


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