nkuke’ lost in translation but worshipped in memory

18 May


Dumela wena ngwana wa mangole a bo mangolejana

Leitibulo la bokone bophirima

Ko metsing a loleya

kgaetsadi a bo thuso le bo phemelo.


Moedi o osaleng o nkoka

O osaleng o timola lenyora mo mometsong wa

Mowa wa mogakanegi.


Ke mogaka

Ke kgaetsadi’a gago


E tlare fa lo wela lotsatsi la tsenolo ya me lo wena

Nako e efitileng re sa bonane

Ya nna ekete e ne e le motsotswana fela

Gonne re le ngatana ‘ngwe


Fa esale

Go ya go ile,





Greetings the seed of mangole

The northern western firstborn

It is where you spring from; Where the springs are clear

Another poet may utter – that you are like crystal. Nonsense, the specification is clichéd.

At the empty rivers

Sibling to thuso and phemelo.

the abode


The river that doctored me

Thirst quenched my throat that quacked dry

Through the sips of elixir; thee the she-hero


I am a warrior

Brethren of yours

And when the sun dips its nose for a nod

For the time passed meyou not seeing each other

missed time awfully implodes into a minute

That moans into a memory

Meyou we will flow

Into an echo of oneness,



*Dedicated to Nkuke Tumelo Kgomotso Mangole

© Mmutle Arthur Kgokong 2014

18 May


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