Brotherman/le rock – the rock

21 Jun

i hack my past to once more commune with you like an *internaut.

i hack my heart to retrieve your essence

so that I can invoke our bygone moments

as time fashion my heart to accept your fleeting moment

i tiptoe through the labyrinths of my mind to re-enact your clean deeds me brethren

so that i can once more reawaken your philosophies,

to bring them into utility.

like an illusive serpent the presence rolls onward.


My first pair of tekkies you bought I man

& i blended with my peers who had ‘’em ‘ready

guiding me concerning youthful things

& as it dawned for me

& as it dawned later in me livity

to also cope with manhood

affirmed in the townshipscape of quarrelsome end – phelindaba.


wa mfroestana?


u lent me your staff of knowledge

u learned me the stuff of life

you schooled I man


to stir the remnants of our memories to animation i hack the past

and as your potent teachings echo I remember brother man your fullness

And I rejoice in the moment of your presence in me life

Me idren.



Dedicated to Tseko Man Dicksy Nkosi (1966 – 2004)

* see Virilio, P. 2005. The Information Bomb. Verso books


© Mmutle Arthur Kgokong 2014

18 June

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