a purple carpet spreads

13 Aug

if our eyes should meet and hold

you should know that I am unbound and free

like a reflection of a dispersing cloud

on the skin of the reserve bank building on a busy summer day

amidst the bustling cocktail of focus and confused mob down below

rectangled by church vermeulen du tuit and prinsloo

shifting and shuffling; askiesing and shoeshing each other

while privately weaving and projecting constructs of ideals

yearns and appeals

to attain; embrace; bracket contain within their talons.


but alas! like sand, all attained in this mortal life slip through

know that on an early morning in the infant of spring

i pace the arcadian streest un-assaulted by class nor race;

a purple carpet spread from the sweet jacaranda’ droppings to bid my entry

those droppings that flip-plop-pop-pup underneath the shoeless one

or a soiled dove, the wasted and the invigorated young men and the senior in age


right then I shall let it be known to you

that I do my laundry in the tear trickles of a free flowing river


i wash my vessel in the apies

and towel dry by nature along its banks

between a sidewalk paving and the river itself i lie


unwavering before the future like a rock

for an understanding of my own has settled in;

security is a feature of the mind

it’s an adjustment of freewill


this I shall let be known to you

as you stare at me the vagabond.


that your mere presence before me is a gray area

i can slip mould it to death – goei pound thwart!

for by merely acknowledging you; by rewarding you with a stare

greeting you; begging from you, I am god with a small g blown to a bigger G

for I breathe life into your existence

i am your breath – your sustenance.

With my presence you are

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